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The city of amaretto Saronno is known throughout the world as the “city of amaretto”:liqueur and biscuit spread its name all around the world.DISARONNO is the most drunk Italian liqueur in the world,symbol of the made in Italy,it’s a pleasure (to be enjoyed) tasting it not only on the rocks, but also in the many mixed versions. A star,recognizable and versatile:it makes every cocktail special.Few, however,know that the Countess of Saronno Cecilia Gallerani portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci as “Lady with the ermine”. The Sanctuary: treasures chest of the Renaissance But the surprises don’t end here: the Sanctuary is a treasures chest of the Renaissance, the Gianetti Museum conserves valued samples of pottery and majolica ceramics while the art collection of De Rocchi is a precious ‘900 gem. Then, the energy of its historic centre, full of shops, ice-cream parlours, bakeries and theatre of many initiatives promoted by the Municipality and by numerous associations.
Address: Piazza della Repubblica,7 - 21047 Saronno (VA) Phone: +39 02-967101   Fax: +39.02-96701389 P.Iva: 00217130129
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